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Pickleball League

CLT PBPL: Charlotte Pickleball LADDER

Play Pickleball. Meet Others. On Your Schedule!

Play pickleball any day, any time, at any court with players on your level

How to get started?


Register for the league you wish to join and pay the $20 per person league fee.


Your league will be visible at start of season. Propose matches, accept matches, and play. Record results after the match. You decide when you want to play in this flexible league.

Stay Up To Date

Each season is 9 weeks. Use the website to view the standings and arrange matches. You can play as many matches as you like. The more you play, the more points you receive.


Depending on league size, at least 8 teams make playoffs. The playoffs span 1 week after the regular season. Playoff rules and prizes outlined in PBPL Specifics.

Where Are Matches Played And Who Can Join?

CLT PBPL has members and match locations across Charlotte and surrounding areas at both public and private courts

Charlotte, Belmont, Concord, Gastonia, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Rock Hill, Tega Cay, Etc...

The league is open to men and women, ages 18+ and has divisions for all skill levels. *Under 18 years-old is allowed to play with a parent. See below to find what division fits you.

Available Divisions

CLT PBPL offers 3, 9-week regular seasons throughout the year that each have their own playoffs and championship. Win cash and prizes.


Are you new to pickleball, want to learn the game, and play one of the fastest growing sports?

Combined rating of 2.0-4.5


Do you enjoy spending time with your significant other, coworker, sibling, parent, etc. and want to play pickleball?

Combined rating of 5.0-8.0


Do you love a challenge and are looking for top-notch talent to compete against while improving your game?

Combined rating of 8.0-11.0


Do you have a friend, brother, co-worker, etc. that loves to play pickleball and up for more challenging matches?

Combined rating of 5.0-8.0


Do you love a challenge and are looking for top-notch talent to compete against while improving your game?

Combined rating of 8.0-11.0


Have you played pickleball before and up for more challenging matches? Grab your friend, neighbor, sister, mom, etc. and play!

Combined rating of 5.0-11.0


Are you new to Charlotte? Are you looking to make new couple friends? Are you interested in pickleball and socializing? Do you like trying new sports and being outside? Form a mixed doubles team and join the Social League. All skill levels are welcome as the main focus should be on meeting new people, enjoying the match, and socializing.


Do you want to play pickleball without having to worry about your partner's schedule? CLT PBPL offers singles leagues for:

Men 3.0/3.5

Men 4.0/4.5

Women 3.0/3.5

Women 4.0/4.5


Do you want to ensure you are playing against someone your age and looking to stay active, social, and competitive. This division for those 55 years-old and older is a great fit for you.


Is your company looking to promote employee engagement? Do you want bragging rights as the company with the most talented pickleball players? Sign your company up today and join the Co-Ed Company League. For more information about the Corporate League, please visit "Corporate League"


Reach the Finals of your division's end-of-season playoffs to win cash, prizes, and a trophy.

Modern System/Proprietary Player Portal

View real-time proposed matches, accepted matches, and standings. 

Proposals: Simply enter preferred match date, time, location, and optional location fee. The proposed match becomes visible immediately and an email is sent out to league members notifying them of the proposal (opt-in/opt-out of emails). Other teams will accept your proposal.

Accept Match: Do you see a proposed match that fits your schedule? Select the match you want to accept, and the match will then move from proposed to accepted/not yet played. If emailed alerts are turned on, you will be notified by email of the accepted match.

Play and Report Scores: Play your match and report the final scores of the best of 3 match. The results and standings will be auto-updated so you can view your position in the league table in real-time.

League Stats

Real-time standings with real-time league stats. New features rolled out everyone season as more data comes in!

CLT PBPL started in May 2022 with 2 divisions and 45 teams and has since grown to 10+ divisions with 300+ teams. Our loyal players enjoy the affordable player fee, high league activity, top prizes, social events, free court perks, promotions, and a proprietary/easy to use system.


CLT PBPL is a year-round pickleball league that offers players the opportunity to play matches against others in the area on your schedule. Have fun and play competitive matches that go towards the league standings while you fight for a playoff spot. CLT PBPL is designed to allow you to play pickleball when you want, improve your game, and meet others in the area. We have connected many individuals with partners and have fostered many friendships amongst the teams in the league. 

If you want to play pickleball in Charlotte, this is the league for you!

Please visit "PBPL Specifics" to learn more about how pickleball matches are proposed/played, how the scoring system works, and league FAQs.

Quick Overview: How The League Works

Please visit "PBPL Specifics" to learn more about how pickleball matches are proposed/played, how the scoring system works, and league FAQs.